onsdag 17. november 2010

fredag 12. november 2010

Me and Buffy

I was at Grandma's just now. I met an old lady called Buffy, she's 6 years old! She was a bit grumpy for my tastes, but it was still fun.

Me and Bror

Mum was taking care of my cousin Bror last weekend. We had lots of fun playing around for 3 days, but he did try to boss me around a bit. Bror kept climbing all over the place though and I couldn't manage to follow him.

Me and mum

mandag 1. november 2010


 Mum got me something at the shop today. It's a nice new bandana! It's cool because it has a ring, so if I need to run to the toilet, we can clip the leash on and go straight out. The cloth is really comfortable compared to a normal collar too, but I don't think it's going to stay so clean for long.

onsdag 27. oktober 2010

torsdag 21. oktober 2010

Snow ?

Oh my god, something happened last night, mum and dad call it snow. It was really soft and wet and cold. It tasted pretty awesome though, and it was fun to jump in!

søndag 10. oktober 2010

onsdag 29. september 2010

Profile pose

It's me pulling a handsome profile pose. I assume that Mum was painting my portrait, while I posed.


I went for a walk in Klubba a couple of days ago, and again today. It's the furthest I've ever walked and there were lots of new things to sniff! At the end I saw the ocean, I wasn't really sure what the point of it was though. I also tried drinking out of a water pool, but it was so salty! I had to have half of mummys water bottle afterwards.

In the duvet!

It was cold in our apartment the other night, so I tried to dig my way inside the rolled up duvet on the bed. It was really warm, but I could barely get out the other side later.


Mum made me go in the shower the other day, I don't know why, I go out in the rain often enough. She had some special dog shampoo that smelled really strange, but I stayed still and it was over fast.
Afterwards she made a fuss and said I was a good boy, so I guess it wasn't so bad.

fredag 20. august 2010

Me and Bror

Me and my cousin Bror playing together in the hallway.

torsdag 12. august 2010

To the Vet

Today I went to the Vet and got my second rabies shot. It went fine, and now I have all the stickers in my passport, so I should be ready to visit England. Mum still hasn't got off her ass and got her passport though, lazy humans.

I try

Whenever I try to relax, mum shows up and starts snapping pictures. I was trying to sunbathe yesterday and she wouldn't leave me alone, so I gave her the saggy puppydog frown.


Hey ladies, it's Nomis here. As you can see from my photo i'm a handsome young man, and i'm looking for a companion to help me collect shoes, chase my tail and run crazily around the garden. I still live with my mum, but I have a steady full-time job testing the durability of squeeky rubber toys. If you're interested in a date meet me at the park any day of the week and i'm sure i'll come say hello.

lørdag 17. juli 2010

Playing with Grandma

I found an old video taken at grandma's house. I remember we found a teddy hidden in the cupboard, then I teased grandma with it. She kept trying to take it, but I held on too tight!

I'm eating candy, nom nom :D

My first shots.

I got my first rabies shot the other day, and I had my normal vaccinations a while ago.
Mum said I was a very good boy, but I didn't really care, I was too interested in the candy the vets gave me.

Hey guys

I got some new pictures from my mum, when I was exploring the balcony at grandma's house.
I don't really like having my picture taken, it's too boring to stand still while she does it. :P
This time I managed, though. ;)