fredag 20. august 2010

Me and Bror

Me and my cousin Bror playing together in the hallway.

torsdag 12. august 2010

To the Vet

Today I went to the Vet and got my second rabies shot. It went fine, and now I have all the stickers in my passport, so I should be ready to visit England. Mum still hasn't got off her ass and got her passport though, lazy humans.

I try

Whenever I try to relax, mum shows up and starts snapping pictures. I was trying to sunbathe yesterday and she wouldn't leave me alone, so I gave her the saggy puppydog frown.


Hey ladies, it's Nomis here. As you can see from my photo i'm a handsome young man, and i'm looking for a companion to help me collect shoes, chase my tail and run crazily around the garden. I still live with my mum, but I have a steady full-time job testing the durability of squeeky rubber toys. If you're interested in a date meet me at the park any day of the week and i'm sure i'll come say hello.